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Are you thinking on buying a property in Catalonia?

On our tours you will get to understand the Catalonian real estate market, find the areas suitable for you and, learn all about the buying process and become familiar with the hidden gems.

Join our customised viewing tours!

Spring and autumn are when we organise these made to measure tours designed for clients who prefer to have a better understanding of the market and the different options available before they decide on where and what to buy.

Typically, we will arrange three intensive days with us. Not only will you develop an in-depth understanding of the market, but we will have a great time too!

These tours are designed to suit your requirements. To plan the itinerary, we will interview you in detail about your plans, lifestyle, and needs. As it is the individual’s interests that set the agenda, no tour will be the same. In order to provide you with personalized service and information, we only take small groups on our trips.

Of course, we look at areas and properties, and we provide you with in-depth information on building techniques, calculations, financing opportunities, and the actual buying process. During the trip, you will be able to create a picture in your mind of what life here will be like. You will get to know the areas, activities, restaurants, and other services, transportation options, and more. The trip will provide you with a solid foundation for deciding so that you can feel confident in your investment. Of course, we will be having a fantastic time, and you will take with you many wonderful experiences with you – and hopefully, even new friends who may become your neighbours in the future too!

Kristin Ehrenborg

CEO and founder

“Contact me and let’s talk about how me and my team can help you buy or sell property in Catalonia”

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