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Are you looking for a place where the communications are excellent, and the climate is lovely all year round without the desert heat of the South of Spain in summer? Are you looking to have access to both the sea and high mountains on the same day, for open-minded people, for communities working to protect nature and wildlife, international schools, and excellent universities? Is a creative business climate and a growing economy important to you? Do you need excellent health care? Are you interested in having access to a vibrant culinary offering, excellent golf courses, high-quality wine and Cava production, a multitude of world-class offerings when it comes to music, art, and nightlife, an internationally recognised architectural heritage? Do you consider it part of your quality of life to have ready access to nature with plenty of well-marked trails, several large and historical cities (Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona), a multitude of beautiful medieval villages, folklore, fiestas in the streets, and wine festivals in the villages? Well, I can go on and on.

If you are looking for a rich experience, quality, and authenticity, then you should choose Catalonia as your home base!


As they say in Catalonia, we have a temperate climate but a hot sun.

You reach Andorra and France within a couple of hours’ drive. The capital city, Barcelona, is an internationally recognised metropolis with exciting investment opportunities and actively forging new business and entrepreneurship.Oh, did you know the cultural heritage in Catalonia is more Celtic, very different to the flamenco and bullfighting in the South? It´s not that unusual to meet Catalan people with red or blond hair and blue eyes! Folklore traditions include human towers (castellars), dancing giants, and fire-spitting dragons.

On this website and the gallery below, you´ll find some of my photos. Some are from excursions across the Catalan region and some from my daily walks in the neighbourhood.

Discover Catalonia, the Spanish region that has it all!

Kristin Ehrenborg

I´m passionate about properties, marketing and about helping my clients reach their goals and realize their dreams. You will hear me speak warmly of Catalonia, a place I now call my home.

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