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There are plenty of golf courses in Catalonia, and regardless of your level you will find interesting challenges.


Most courses are found in the three main areas along the coast: Costa Brava to the north, Barcelona in the middle, and Tarragona to the south. Regardless of what area you choose you’ll be close to the airport and have generally good connections. Barcelona, the metropolis, is always within reach for day trips, and in the historic cities of Girona (the main city in Costa Brava) to the north and Tarragona to the south you are sure to find your own gems to return to. All three regions offer beautiful nature, beaches, a rich cultural selection, historic cities and towns, stunning wine districts and high-class gastronomy. The climate is perfect for an active lifestyle all year round. Costa Brava is slightly greener, Barcelona a bit livelier, and Tarragona a few degrees warmer on average. What suits you better?

You will find affordable housing and a high-quality life if you look in the towns slightly outside of the cities, a bit inland and around the golf courses.

Within a golf resort you will find comfortable and high-quality housing but at a much higher price than if you’re willing to settle down just a kilometer away.The prices are also greatly reduced as you move away from the coast. Consider how close to the beach you really need to be. Would you consider 15-30 minutes away, surrounded by vineyards and mountains? Or is a walking distance to the beach a must?

Consider what your ideal house looks like. Conjure up clear images in your dreams. Going on a “Look & Feel” trip, where we show you around, can be a great help to make the image even clearer in your mind. Make a list of requirements of the most important points: villa or apartment, new or second hand, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, pool or no pool, terrace, garden, balcony, elevator, an older charm or a modern feel, garage, view, etc. Make the list in order of priority. This makes it easier to assess the different options.

Have a budget and financing ready before you start looking. This way you can focus your search. Spanish banks usually finance 60-70% of the bank valuation of the estate when applying for a loan as a non-resident. There are options. We can help you explore them. Remember that administrative costs, taxes, etc. are added on top of the listed price, in Catalonia around 11.5-13% depending on if you have a mortgage, for example.